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License conversion

Note that the following information is advisory and it is always better to address Transport Canada personnel with a copy of your logbook.

License conversion to obtain a Canadian PPL

Obtaining the Canadian private pilot license is simple if you already hold a foreign pilot license. Here are the steps:

  • Pass a medical exam with a Transport Canada certified doctor in order to get your category 3 Canadian medical certificate;
  • Pass the Canadian aviation regulations written exam (PSTAR) and the radio procedures examination. Cargair team will provide all the necessary tools to succeed at those exams;
  • Make a license request and pay the $115 processing fees;
  • Meet the following criterias:
    • At least 45 hours total flight time;
    • Having completed 17 hours of dual flight and 12 hours solo flight;
    • Having completed 5 hours of instruments flying, with a maximum of three hours on FTD (flight training device);
    • Having flown a 150 nautical miles navigation acting as PIC and including two stops.

Commercial license conversion

In order to convert a commercial license in Canada, the candidate must:

  • Make the license application and pay the $150 processing fees;
  • Obtain a medical certificate with a Transport Canada certified medical examiner;
  • Meet the following criterias:
    • 200 hours total flight time
    • 100 hours pilot-in-command flight time
    • Having completed 10 night flight hours including 5 hours dual flight and 5 hours solo
    • Having completed 20 hours instrument flight including a maximum of 10 hours on a FTD (Flight Training Device);
    • Having completed 20 hours navigation including a 300 nautical miles navigation;
    • Having completed the CPL ground theory course;
    • Having passed the CPL flight test.

Convert a foreign ATPL into a Canadian ATPL

In order to convert a foreign airline pilot license into a Canadian airline pilot license, the candidate must:

  • Make a license request and pay the processing fees;
  • Pass a category 1 medical exam with a Transport Canada certified medical examiner
  • Meet the following criteria
    • Having completed 1500 total flight hours including 250 pilot-in-command flight hours. Co-pilot hours count up to 50% to the total;
    • Having completed 100 night flight hours including 25 hours night navigation;
    • Having completed 100 hours navigation as pilot-in-command;
    • Having completed 75 hours instrument flight time including a maximum of 20 on FTD (Flight Training Device)
    • Pass ATPL ground theory course (2 exams) and one IR exam;
    • Pass an IR flight test on multi engine aircraft.
Aviation Language abilities

Aviation language skill test

The aviation language skill test evaluates a candidate’s language abilities in an aeronautical environment. A student won’t be allowed to solo without passing this evaluation with at least a level “operational French” or “operational English”.

Importance to master English to become an airline pilot

English has been established as the standardized and official language which must be used in aviation everywhere in the world when the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) was created in 1944. A standardized language insure flight operations safety on the ground as well as in the air.

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Student services

Accomodation and transport

Public transportation

From the Longueuil terminus, on the Chambly boulevard, the bus line 28 has stops all around the airport and one in front of the school. For more details, contact us.


Cargair owns multiple houses and properties in which you can live from $550 per month. You will share, review or exchange your experience, questions and flying adventures with other student pilots.

Rooms are also available nearby the school, made available by locals.

If you arrive with your family, multiple options exist to live nearby.

Contact us at for more informations or book your residence.

Useful links

Airport of montreal

Montreal transport company (STM)

Longueuil transportation network (RTL)

International students

Obtaining your student visa

Apply for the CAQ

Any student registering to a flight training program in the Quebec province must first obtain his Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). It is possible to make the application online or any Quebec government office abroad. The document will be sent under approximately one month upon reception of the application.

Student visa application

In order to study in Canada, you must obtain a student visa issued by the Canadian embassy in your country. Student from Belgium, France or Switzerland must post their application at the Canadian embassy in Paris.

Upon reception of the CAQ, you will fill-in your visa application form. You will enclose the following documents to your application:

  • Registration certificate to our school;
  • One passeport certified copy;
  • Two pictures; and
  • A proof of solvency . This proof dials down to demonstrating you owns the means to assume the training costs and meet cost of life for one year in Canada (estimated at $18,000 by the Canadian government). Visa application processing fees of $150 will be billed by the embassy.

Your registration certificate to our school will be delivered by our director of admission.

The average processing time for visa application is about one month and is required to start your training in Canada. You can also consult the following website for more informations: Immigration and citizenship Canada – Student permit application

List of Canadian and Quebec embassies, delegations and consulates

Foreign affairs and international business Canada – Canada abroad

Immigration and cultural communities – Quebec immigration office in Paris


Financing solutions – Cargair Ltd

It is an option to obtain financing for a professional training with our partner Desjardins. To be eligible, you have to be Canadian citizen or permanent resident and be registered full time in one of our training programs. The banking institution loans up to $60,000.

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