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Our history

Founded in 1961, Cargair Ltd is the property of the Prud’homme Family. The company has two large divisions : the Cargair Flight Academy and Max Aviation, its airplane charter subsidiary company. Leader in the passenger transport, Max Aviation is supported by Cargair expertise to train its pilots.

With  60 years of experience to your service in the Quebec aviation industry, Cargair is more than an academy. You will learn to fly in a dynamic commercial air transport company environment where training goes hand in hand with the reality of commercial flights.


4 campus

Saint-Hubert, Mirabel, Trois-Rivières and Chicoutimi


4 Max Aviation bases of operations

Saint-Hubert, Amos, Sept-Îles and Québec

Steered by 3 generations

Led by Josée Prud’homme, Cargair and Max Aviation are parts of a company which has been steered by 3 generations. Mrs Prud’homme holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from HEC Montreal and is a lawyer, member of the Barreau du Québec association. She is supported by a team of well-trained and dedicated company executives, starting with Vice-president, Operations Director and Safety manager, Mr. Daniel Adams and Chief Instructor Nicolas Moreau.

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