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Instrument Flight Rating

Instrument flight rating will allow you to fly an airplane in weather conditions requiring the pilot to exclusively refer to his instruments to fly. This rating is mandatory to work in airline company as pilot. You will start by learning the basic of instrument flying on one of our flight training device (see page on fleet). Once the simulator session, you will progress toward a Piper Aztec or a Cessna 172 equipped for instrument flying. You must note that airline companies require their pilots to have an instrument rating on multi engine airplane like the Piper Aztec.



30 hours

Written exam


15 hours

FTD (simulator)

20 hours

Flight test

TOTAL: 40 hours instrument flight

Length of the training

2 months (average)

Prior qualifications

Private pilot license
Multi engine rating
(for a group 1 IFR – multi engine)

In-flight training

40 hours instrument flight time, with a maximum of 20 hours of instrument on the ground

Flight test guide – Transport Canada Flight Test Guide (TP9939)

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