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Flight Instructor Rating

Flight instructor rating is given to commercial pilots eager to progress as a certified instructor. This is an amazing way to build hours while receiving a salary. This course is given by a class 1 instructor who will teach you flying flight exercises in great depth. After your ground theory, you will have to pass a written exam and a flight test with a Transport Canada inspector. With this rating you will instruct to future pilots!

Length of the training

4 months (average)

Prior qualifications

Professional license

In-flight training (FTD)

Minimum 30 hours dual flight

Flight test – Transport Canada flight test guide (TP5537)

Ground training

25 hours ground training

  • Application of learning factors and instruction technics
  • Preparation and usage of lessons plans
  • Procedure for the planning and presentation of preparatory ground instruction, pre-flight. and post-flight briefings
  • Flight manual and aircraft limitations
  • Presentation of pilot decision process
  • Usage of the Transport Canada instructor guide, flight training manual, part IV of Canadian Aviation Regulations and flight test standards, private and commercial pilot licenses – airplane

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