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Attestation d’études collégiales

Anxious to prepare future pilots to the job market, Cargair offers an attestation of collegial studies in aircraft flying which meets the requirement for getting the first job in aviation. Moreover, for international students, the AEC allows 12 points in Immigration Québec procedure toward obtaining permanent residence. Finally, our AEC program includes 50 hours of multi engine flight, a strong asset towards becoming a flight instructor or first officer.

Cargair’s AEC program leads to a triple diploma: a Canadian professional pilot license, an integrated license ATP (A) toward airline pilot and graduation of an attestation of collegial studies recognized by Québec’s education minister. The integrated program ATP (A) includes multiple traditional trainings such as PPL, CPL and instrument and multi engine ratings.

Internationally recognized (license conversion in some countries), this training program is the most complete training offered in Canada, L’ATP (A) offers more advanced theory course focused on the airline pilot career, a “crew resource management – CRM” training on a level 5 simulator, approved by Transport Canada and the possibility to write your airline pilot written exams (usually requiring an experience of 750 flight hours).

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