The ATP (A) integrated training is for people coming from countries whose local civil aviation authority requires this type of training for a license conversion. Accordingly, please check with the civil aviation authorities of your country of origin if this is the training you need.

Integrated training ATP (A) includes several conventional formations such as PPL, CPL, multi-engine and instrument flight rating, but also provides you the ability to write your airline pilot exams, which is normally reserved for pilots who have accumulated 750 hours of flight. In addition to 500 hours of ground school theory, you will receive a flight crew training which will be very useful for your work in the airlines. It should be noted that candidates who choose this program are usually pre-selected by an airline companies and have a job waiting after training.

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs):

Regulation: RAC 406.75
Standard: RAC 426.75



12 to 36 months (average)


  • Category 1 medical certificate
  • High School Diploma
  • English (functional level)

Flight training

205 hours total

  • 105 hours dual flight
  • 100 hours solo flight
  • 50 hours cross-country
  • 10 hours night-flight
  • 75 hours instrument flight
  • 15 hours CRM/MCC

Private, Commercial and Multi-IFR flight test

Ground School

750 hours of theory courses of which at least 500 hours must be completed in a classroom setting:

  • Canadian aerospace regulations
  • Aerodynamics and flight mechanics
  • Weather
  • Engines, circuits and systems
  • Flight instrumentation
  • Radio and electronics
  • Navigation
  • Aerospace operations
  • License delivery conditions
  • Human factors, decision making
  • ATPL
  • High altitude
  • International flights
  • CRM
  • Turbine (PT6 Pratt&Whitney)

Written exams, including PPL, CPL, IFR and ATPL (SARON/SAMRA)


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