What is the difference between a recreational pilot license and a private pilot license ?

The recreational pilot license is a Canadian license not recognized abroad which allows the pilot to be accompanied by a maximum of one passenger. This license allows neither night flight nor additional ratings.

Can I continue my training if I have a recreational permit ?

Yes, the experienced acquired within the recreational pilot training counts towards a private pilot license.

Cargair offers the airline pilot license from the get go ?

Yes indeed. Cargair offers the « ATP(A) integrated program », within which the student will complete the airline pilot exams (SARON/SAMRA); the candidate then has a 5 years delay to gather the 1500 hours of flight time required to obtain the commercial pilot license.

Does the training or license obtained in a country member of ICAO allow me to obtain a Canadian license?

Any experience acquired in one of the 190 countries member of the ICAO is recognized in Canada. You can find the list of ICAO countries at

Are there financing opportunities available for someone choosing professional training at Cargair?

Exclusively, La Caisse Desjardins du Mont Saint-Bruno offers financing for your professional training (mandating credit approval). Only the interest fees will have to be repaid during the training period. Ask one of our representatives for more information. You will have to be Canadian Citizen or Canadian Resident.

• What are the differences between studying at Cargair St-Hubert and Cargair Masouche’s facilities?

While both schools offer a superior quality training, the Integrated Training ATP(A) is only offered in St-Hubert. Furthermore, St-Hubert is a flight-controlled airport which is located on Montreal’s south-shore, and provides public transportation. Mascouche’s airport is non flight-controlled which is located on the north shore of Montreal and a vehicle is required to get to the airport.

After getting my commercial license with mutli-engine and IFR ratings, where can I find work ?

Cargair owns many Flight Training Devices (FTD) including a level 5 Mechtonix simulator at the St-Hubert facilities which allows IFR renewals, GPS training and dual flights. It is hard to find work with only 200 flight hours. You can begin your career with jobs like forest fire patrols or as a flight instructor by obtaining an instructor rating.

If I become a flight instructor, will Cargair hire me ?

Cargair Ltd cannot promise you a job, altough 99% of the instructors that work with us have also trained with us.

How many class are in session every year ? When do they start ?

For standard training there are no class sessions. Training is continuous all year round, contact us to learn about the next modules. For Integrated training, there are 2 class sessions per year, one in the spring, and one in the fall. Contact us for the exact dates.

What are the admission requirements at Cargair?

There are no particular admission requirements, you must complete the registration form and accept the conditions.

What education level is required to sign-on at Cargair?

In theory there are no minimal required education level, although a College level diploma or more is recommended for a career as pilot with certain companies.


Our Fleet

How many aircrafts are available for Cargair’s students and for Max Aviation’s charter flights?

Cargair counts on a fleet of 4 Cessna 150, 17 Cessna 152, 10 Cessna 172, 5 PA-23 Aztec (twin-engine) for student training, while Max Aviation has 8 King Air B100 and 1 King Air B200 (turboprop) for advanced training and for governmental and corporate customers.

Does the school owns flight simulators ?

Cargair owns many Flight Training Devices (FTD) including a level 5 Mechtonix simulator at the St-Hubert facilities which allows IFR renewals, GPS training and dual flights.



If I hold a private pilot license from a country member of the ICAO, what is the procedure to obtain flight privileges in Canada?

There are 3 ways to go about this: (1) Get the license validated by Transport Canada (cost of 45$) (2) Acquire an authentic Canadian license by getting a Canadian medical, passing the written exam and requesting a license (cost of 45$) or (3) Get a temporary license validation (3 months) which allows you to add ratings to your license, such as a night flight rating or instrument rating. Inquire now at to get a personal quote.

I have a ICAO commercial pilot license and wish to obtain an EASA ATPL, how should I proceed?

If you have a commercial pilot license, 350 hours of ground school will be credited towards the EASA ATPL. If you have an ICAO ATPL, all your ground school hours will be credited but you will still be required to write the written exams. Contact our Canadian partner for further information:

In which countries can I work using my Canadian license ?

In principle, any country member of ICAO. However, as each country is independent, special requirements may be required before they grant you the privilege. On the other hand, flight hours are recognized in almost all ICAO countries.

Are certain countries easier to work in than others ?

Countries where no training body exists validating ICAO licenses are harder to work in. For Canadian license holders, it is easier to work in Commonwealth countries (see for the list of countries).

Is my license the only required document for me to work outside of my country?

In order to work in a country of which your are not a resident, you require a license from that country or a license validation as well as a work visa or a passport.


Student Life

Is it easy to find housing near Montreal ?

With our help, the majority of our students rents rooms in one of the spacious, well equipped residences which are located nearby the airport for $550 a month. It is always possible to find an apartment should the student wish so. Costs are between $750 and $950 per month, depending on the size and commodities.

Can I open a bank account in Quebec ?

We will help you open a personal account in a renowned banking institution.

Do you offer initial transportation between the Dorval Airport, in Montreal, and your facilities ?

Yes, initial transportation from the airport to airport is included with the registration fees.