Cargair Ltd. was founded in 1961 with the Prud’homme family acquiring ownership in 1968. Over the years, the company has grown to the point that it now includes two distinct bases in the Montreal area offering:

  • Two Flight Training Schools in Mascouche and St-Hubert with a large fleet of Cessna and Piper aircraft;
  • Charter division under the banner of Max Aviation Inc. with a fleet of 6 King Air B100;
  • Authorized Cessna parts dealer.

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Our fleet consists of:
– 4 Cessna 150
– 17 Cessna 152
– 10 Cessna 172
– 5 Aztec PA-23
– 8 King Air 100
– 1 King Air 200
– 3 FTD (Elite 3222, Mechtronix 3219, Frasca)

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Meet the members of our team.

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Training centers : Cargair has two bases in the Montreal area: one in St-Hubert, on the south shore of Montreal, where the head offices are located. The other base is in Mascouche, on the north shore of Montreal. The two bases offer quality training, aircrafts and facilities. Restaurants are available on location and are accessible to students.

Cargair has three classrooms able to accommodate 35, 24 and 20 students, as well as a conference room able to accommodate 8 students. All classrooms are equipped for PowerPoint presentations.

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Come and see the employment opportunities at Cargair.

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Information meetings

Check-in to see if Cargair will pass through your area.

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