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For a career in aviation or for pleasure, become a pilot at the largest private pilot training school  in Canada.

Do you dream of flying or are you just looking for a taste before taking your flying lessons?

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Why Cargair

  • The largest private pilot school in Canada
  • Over 40 planes
  • 40 instructors  at your service
  • 40,000 pilot stripes have been earned thanks to us
  • Nearby Montreal


After much research, I chose Cargair flight school. As a student-pilot, I like Cargair’s training program. The availability and professionalism of the staff helps a great deal with the success of my studies.
Thomas Poinas, Private pilot student at Cargair since 2013
Was referred by a friend who was enrolled at Cargair. I immigrated to Canada and completed my training at Cargair in 2007. I was employed by Max Aviation, a company using well-established procedures, for 18 months. Today, I am First Officer at Jazz. I owe my dream largely to the training I received at Cargair and practical experience at Max Aviation.
Gervais Randrianantenaina, Former Cargair student, now a 1st officer DH8-400 at Jazz Aviation
I worked as a project coordonator, a monotonous job I had no passion for. Cargair allowed me to embrace a stimulating career. The training pushed me beyond my limits. The freedom of surveying the world from the airs is an incredible priviliege.
Stéphane Michaud, HEC Montreal 2002, Flight instructor at Cargair since July 2012
I have done my training at another school than Cargair. I came to Cargair to pursue my dream of becoming a commercial pilot by attending instructor trainning. The words that comes to mind when I think of Cargair are : Organisation and Professional Training.
Pierre Langelier, Flight instructor at Cargair since October 2012
When I arrived at Cargair in 2008 to get my pilot training, everything should have been temporary but now, 5 years later, I still feel as much satisfaction to teach to students from all over. With close to 2000hrs, a beautiful page of my life has been, and will be written
Julien Dellarossa, Flight instructor at Cargair since September 2010
I arrived from France with a Private Pilot License (PPL), it took 18 months to get my commercial training at Cargair. After 3 years as an instructor, first on single-engine, then multi-engine and instrument. Since June 2013, First Officer at Max Aviation ! Cargair is a good springboard to get started in aviation, I’m glad I made this choice!
Xavier Lecoq, First Officer at Max Aviation
At Cargair, I have been able to develop solid bases to my piloting skill, then complete my instructor training and start my career in Aviation ! The chance Cargair has to rub closely the air transportation industry is not available anywhere else! At Cargair, I was given the tools and the opportunity to realise.
Maixent Legaré, Flight instructor at Cargair since 2011

Our latest news

Cargair has more than 40 planes

With 5 new units adding up to more than 40 planes, Cargair's fleet is in constant expansion.

Continuous Theoretical Training

To have more information about the the next Continuous Theoretical Training please fill out the Information Request Form.

New Website for Cargair

Brand new website for Cargair,  Canada's premier flight training school !